What is MUSICat?

  • An open source platform for creating local music collections

  • Created by Rabble with Public Libraries across North America

What does MUSICat do?

  • Shares streams, downloads, and information about local artists

  • Empowers libraries to license music directly from local artists

  • Gives librarians, curators, and musicians tools to build a collection together

why does my library need MUSICat?

  • MUSICat is a community engagement machine. When our partner libraries launch their sites, they’re swamped by musicians, organizations, collectives, and businesses who want to get involved.

  • MUSICat helps foster sustainable artistic communities. When your library builds a MUSICat collection, you create a new revenue source for musicians, and help grow existing revenue streams (think concert attendance, music and merchandise sales) by expanding and strengthening local fan bases.

where can I check it out?

Take a look and listen at our partners’ sites:




Photo Credit: dora dora 2 by Philippe Put at flickr. CC BY 2.0