How it works


  • create an instance of MUSICat at a custom or MUSICat domain where your local music collection will live.

  • introduce you to MUSICat administrative tools that handle everything from submissions to licensing to publishing.

  • provide library-developed and tested licensing methods (including formal and plain-language licenses) for local content that you may use as-is or adapt for your library.

  • provide everything it takes to keep your collection up and running, from media hosting and delivery to troubleshooting for staff.

  • Set up an authentication process for library cards.

  • Provide MARC exports for your Library’s catalog.

  • We can also provide a range of customizations, including: authentication and catalog records to spec, website integrations, custom formatting and design, and new development projects.

As a MUSICat Library, you:

  • create a collection of local music that library users can stream and download. Use MUSICat admin tools to:

    • call for and accept album submissions from musicians.

    • allow community members and staff to review, comment on, and recommend albums for your collection.

    • invite accepted musicians to upload their music, share information for your website, and sign licenses.

    • publish and update content on your website.

    • send catalog records to your library’s system.

    • sign licenses directly with musicians who agree to payment and licensing terms for their work. The library directly compensates musicians, usually with a one-time licensing fee, for sharing their work.

  • build relationships in your community.  Library staff often work alongside community members and organizations who help select collections, promote the site, and contribute special content.

  • Contribute to MUSICat’s development for the good of your library and libraries across the country and world. We integrate any customizations built for your site into subsequent MUSICat releases so that other libraries can benefit too.

WHat it costs

Set up MUSICat starting at $12,000 plus an annual subscription fee based on your library's population size.

We encourage Libraries with limited budgets and/or small service populations to ask about special pricing. Our ultimate goal is to make MUSICat available and affordable to every Library that wants to use it, worldwide.

Contact us at for details. 





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